History of The Town House

The details of who originally built the house and why are not completely clear, but the origins of how this building became know as th’ Town House are.

Walker Addington lived about 3 miles away on Bush Mill Hill. At some point in his life he decided he wanted to live downtown Nickelsville. He purchased this home. From that point forward when he went to stay in Nickelsville he would proudly announced to everyone that he was going to his “town house”, when he returned to the home on Bush Mill Hill he would say it’s time to go to his country house. Walker’s country house is long gone, but his town house still stands proudly in Nickelsville. Thanks to the efforts of Bob and Diana Etherton it will continue to stand for many more years.

The original home consisted of the front two room and upstairs. The room to the right, as you enter the house, was Walker’s sitting room. Sometime in the 70s the back part of the house was built on and the house was converted into a restaurant.
I know there is more to the story of the Town House, & we invite those who know it to email us the information so we can add to the accuracy of the Town House Story.

If you come visit with us at The Town House it is well worth the 3 mile side trip to visit the Bush Mill.

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